My day, well It started out really really blue and depressed about my situation, and not being able to russle up a job. It would be so easy to crawl back into my “hole” and not do anything. Just give up. But thanks to all of you in part, I won’t give up.

So after a couple hrs of feeling bad for myself I talked myself out of the funk and got dressed and went to Barnes & Noble and put in an application there. I love that store. So I figure the worst that could happen is that I’ll get a crappy paying job in a store I love and get a discount on books for the Xmas season perhaps. We shall see. The manager will be there on Monday to go over the applications for this week the clerk told me. Its a different avenue and who knows. Anything could happen.

While I was there I treated myself to a Frappacino and the Interweave Knits Holiday issue which is full of neat things to knit. Yum Yum!

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